Session 15 – Hellenrae? Fwoom! Hellenrae, Who?

After helping the Bargewright Inn, the party decided to revisit the Sacred Stone Monastery.  Upon arrival, they discovered that security was a little tighter than their last visit.  The kitchen staff was accompanied by armed guards, and the patrol around the monastery was on alert.  So alert that the patrol ended up chasing after Telfid, into a waiting ambush where the patrol was cut down before it could even raise an alarm. 

Deciding to solicit help from the lich, Renwick, Ganus and Sytarii snuck through the garden entrance to the monastery.  Sytarii handily unlocked the wizard-locked door to the lich’s demesne.  Ganus stepped in and started lying to the lich, which he didn’t appreciate, and told Ganus to leave.  Not having much choice, Ganus left and headed for the exit, only to get attacked by a pair of Gargoyles that had come to investigate.  Splashy and Bubbles were quite helpful in smashing the monsters to bits.

Later, inside the monastery, the party spread out while the cooks started to serve breakfast.  When all were gathered into the dining hall, and diving into a plate of kippers and toast, Ganus stepped into the hall and unleashed a fireball in the center of the room, immediately annihilating most of the monks.  Hellenrae started barking orders to the survivors, sending her guards after Ganus, where they ran into Aria and her thornwhip, which dragged them through the spike growth she had laid as a trap.  They perished as the thorns and spikes did their job.

From the northeast entrance to the dining hall, Reyroris started shooting Hellenrae, who immediately charged to confront him.  Telfid shot her in the back, ending her charge.  Meanwhile, Taban and Sytarii came in from the south entrance and started shooting and hacking the survivors until all lay quiet.  

And in less than 30 seconds, most of the population of the monastery was eliminated.  Most, but not all, the party started clearing the rooms and when they came to the main foyer, squared off against a pair of minotaurs.  

Deciding to go down the winding staircase this time, the party came across an ogre and three orogs.  Dispatching them in short order, they found a collection of keys, which Ganus pocketed.  Exploring to the north, they found an old crypt where Telfid destroyed three zombies.  Ganus’ sharp eyes noticed a gleam as the light glinted off a pair of rings one of the skeletal remains in the back of the room.

Further investigation to the northwest had the party battling a caged, blinded, crippled umber hulk that raged inside the cage, which amazingly, held firm while the party put the creature out of its misery.

Exploring to the south, the party came across some cells filled with starving, tortured, injured and sick slaves/prisoners.  After learning that the orogs made them mine the caverns, but not for anything precious.  No one knew why they mined.  Sytarii unlocked the cells and the party freed the people.  One old man with an especially gnarled, but well polished, walking stick, said to Aria, “Here miss, switch with me, I think it will serve you well where you are going,” and handed her his staff in exchange for hers.

To the west, the party found a long staircase leading down from the mines.

Alas, our tale pauses here, to be continued next week.

The business in Womford was wiped out by the flood.

Expenses at the keep are still running 5gp per day.

Elapsed time: 2 days.

Character XP XP So Far Level (To Advance) Treasure
2,400 16,083 6 (23,000) Wand of Magic Missiles (attuned)
‘Splashy’ the Water Weird and BackPack
Hat of Wizardry
Ruby Ring (600gp)
2,400 17,512 6 (23,000) Ruby Ring (250 gp)
+1 Longsword
Potion of Giant Strength
Weird Tank (Empty)
Sytarii 2,400 14,470 6 (23,000) +1 Dagger, “Reszur”
Potion of Diminution
Wand of Winter
‘Bubbles’ the Water Weird and BackPack
Taban 2,400 15,286 6 (23,000) Drown (+1 Trident and more – see below)
Bead of Nourishment
Potion of Fire Resistance
Telfid 2,400 16,992 6 (23,000) Scroll of Lesser Restoration
Ring of Fire Resistance
Aria 2,400 14,600 6 (23,000) Skyblinder Staff
Keeley 0 6,501 5 (14,000) N/A
Noctavia 0 6110 4 (6500) N/A
Nastane 0 3942 4 (6500) N/A
Nala 0 4942 4 (6500) N/A
Unassigned Treasure:  None

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