Session 14 – A Roadtrip to Beliard

After the flood, the management at the Bargewright Inn asked the party to go to Beliard to acquire the materials and goods required for repairs and to establish land based trade with Beliard since the ships were all destroyed.

The journey was not uneventful.  First, some Bugbears tried to hijack the caravan, then some Mephits caused a little trouble.  Some Will’o’Wisps also harassed the caravan until Telfid could turn them.

The magic shop in Beliard turned out to be poorly stocked, but even so, Taban acquired a Bead of Nourishment and Ganus scored a Hat of Wizardry.

On the return trip, some Gargoyles made a nuisance of themselves. 

Then a group of Earth Cultists thought they could take on our intrepid adventurers.  They were wrong and soon paid the price for their insolence.


Alas, our tale pauses here, to be continued next week.


The business in Womford was wiped out by the flood.

Expenses at the keep are still running 5gp per day.

Elapsed time: 6 days.

Character XP XP So Far Level (To Advance) Treasure
2,225 13,683 5 (14000) Wand of Magic Missiles (attuned)
‘Splashy’ the Water Weird and BackPack
Scroll of Tidalwave
Scroll of Vitriolic Sphere
Hat of Wizardry
2,225 15,112 6 (23,000) 250 GP gold ruby ring
+1 Longsword
Potion of Giant Strength
Weird Tank (Empty)
Sytarii 0 12,070 5 (14,000) +1 Dagger, “Reszur”
Potion of Diminution
Wand of Winter
‘Bubbles’ the Water Weird and BackPack
Taban 2,225 12,886 5 (14,000) Drown (+1 Trident and more – see below)
Bead of Nourishment
Telfid 2,225 14,592 6 (23,000) Scroll of Lesser Restoration
Potion of Fire Resistance
Aria 0 12,200 5 (14,000) N/A
Keeley 0 6,501 5 (14,000) N/A
Noctavia 0 6110 4 (6500) N/A
Nastane 0 3942 4 (6500) N/A
Nala 0 4942 4 (6500) N/A
Unassigned Treasure:  Library of Dwarvish Tomes

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