This is the official blog of the La Vergne Dungeons & Dragons group.

The D&D group meets on Sunday nights from 6pm to 10pm for D&D 5th Edition campaign play.

The Story So Far is a blogging of the noteworthy events that happened during each gaming session, and of the treasure found and Experience Points earned.  Please note:  Some entries are (significantly) leaner than others. There are other entries in the blog that are for color in the campaign play.  The characters’ backgrounds are also posted here.  (It is assumed that the other players can know a background while the players’ characters only know what they are told or figure out.)


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a group to play tabletop D&D in the North Charlotte area, do you have any information for me?


    1. Yes. We meet at Hobbytown University (WT Harris at David Cox Road). We usually meet on Wednesday night. This week, we are meeting tonight (Monday, Jan 23) instead.

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