The Story So Far… 2014-10-15

After narrowly defeating Langdedrosa and his guards, the party looks around to discover that they are in some sort of shrine to Tiamat.  On the floor in front of her is a small chest.  When smashing the chest open, Vokul manages to set off a trap that rapidly fills the room with an acidic cloud of gas.  Though several party members are badly wounded by the gas, all survived.  Vokul, eager to discover the treasure within, rushes back to the chest.  Inside are a string of pearls, a gold and sapphire ring, and a pouch containing a half-dozen masterfully cut and polished stones.  Daganoth estimates the stones to be worth, perhaps 100gp each, while the ring and pearls are worth much more than that.

After recovering from the gas, the party continues toward the east, heading deeper into the caves.   Daganoth disappears into the shadows, while Anna hangs back arrow nocked and ready.

When Vokul reaches the top of some narrow stairs leading down, he is assaulted by bottles of glue and flame.  This turns out to be a minor annoyance though, as the party quickly dispatches the poor kobolds who threw them.

At the bottom of the caged stairs, Vokul unlocks the stout iron gate.  Peering into the darkness, they see two large dragon eggs.  Approaching the eggs, Vokul and Anna are attacked by two large guard drakes.  Daganoth, using the shadows to his advantage, attacks them from behind.  Unfortunately, Anna is felled by one of the drakes.  After Dag and Vokul finish the drakes though, they are surprised to see that Anna’s body has gone.  Searching the cave they discover two things:  1) Daganoth finds a third dragon egg, hidden amongst some rocks; 2) a stalagmite seems to have sprouted long tendrils and is dragging the unconscious Anna toward it.

After hacking at it, only to discover the tendrils are as hard as stone, Vokul shouts for the thing to let go.  Surprisingly, it does.  After some animated discussion with the thing that looks like a stalagmite, Anna is rescued, and the thing has been fed a guard drake (or 2).

The party finally prepares to leave.  One thing remains, what to do about the dragon eggs.  Two are black, but the third, the one Dag found, is blue.  Anna encourages the boys to destroy the eggs.  Vokul tries to compromise by destroying the black eggs and working with Dag to carry the third egg out with them.  Anna does not agree with this and tries to dislodge the egg as the boys carry it up the stairs, trying to send it smashing down the steps.  Unfortunately, Vokul seems to have a good grip on it so her efforts are in vain.  The party leaves that cave area, with the egg, and with Anna fuming at the bull-headed Vokul.  Daganoth, just thinks everyone should shut up so he can get back to hiding in the shadows.

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