The Story so Far… 2014-10-08

After several days to rest and restock, Governor Nighthall and the monk, Leosin, both requested the adventurers to return to the raider’s camp to find more information.  Leosin is particularly interested in finding out if the raider’s are planning another attack, and what is in that cave.  He intends to travel north to Elturel to convey what he’s learned to Ontharr Frume, a paladin of Torm who shares his concern over the Cult of the Dragon’s recent activities.

* * *

Travelling back to the camp is uneventful, and once there, the party is surprised to find the camp has been all but cleared out.  A few guards still watch the cave entrance, and some rangers forage for food, but otherwise, the camp is a ghost town.

Deciding to investigate the cave, the adventurers face down the two Dragonclaw cultists standing guard and enter.  Following the keen eyes of Dag, the party turns up a small passageway leading to an empty storage room, then to a guard room.  A battle ensues, with the party slaying 2 guards and 5 cultists while another guard and 3 cultists run off down the hall raising a cry of alarm.

Following the runners, the party came into an empty room.  Stomping around, hopping mad at being eluded, Alain falls through a covered shaft, crashing to the rock some 30 feet below.  There he sees Langdedrosa, a berserker, and the missing guard and cultists.

As Vokul, Anna and Dag catch up, the Alain has managed to get to his feet, and with Ephedra’s constant urging, is back in the battle.  Having had no time to recover, the party is in rough shape, so Langdedrosa hangs back, leaving it to his minions to dispatch the intruders, until it becomes apparent that his berserker is near death, then he joined the fight.  Too little, too late for Langdedrosa, as the party dispatches the final of his guard and converge on him too.

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