The Story So Far… 2014-10-04

The adventurers stealthily approached the dragon cultists camp. Using the talk grass for cover they circled the entire camp, a little taken aback at the scope of the sight before them.
Their investigation showed them the location of the prisoners from Greenest, and a solitary prisoner tied to a post in the east end of the camp. They also identified the well guarded tents of the leaders of the camp and a cave, also guarded, at the back of the camp.
Needing a closer look, they finally decided to march in as if they owned the place. A plot that worked until they tried to burn a tent near the leader’s guarded tent with Vokul’s fiery breath. A chase ensued and the adventurers were captured. Langdedrosa, recognizing Anna from his challenge in Greenest, mocked her mercilessly for coming after him and for getting caught. The two adventurers we’re tied to posts next to Leosin. A fortuitous, if awkward, predicament. In the darkness, Anna used the dagger in her boot to cut them free. This time, they were more stealthy and they we’re able to sneak out of camp and back to Greenest without event. In the town, Governor Nighthall was glad to see them returned, but sad that they weren’t able to bring any of the missing captives with them. Nevertheless, he paid them handsomely for the information they brought.
The adventurers took the opportunity to rest in town and help with cleanup, earning good favor with the townsfolk, the Governor, and Leosin.

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