The Story So Far… 2014-09-24

Shortly before dawn, a half-Dragon warrior bellows a challenge to the defenders of the keep in Greenest.  Accompanied by 16 kobolds who roughly shove a woman and three children into view.  Sergeant Markguth runs down from the wall yelling, “That brute’s got my family.”

Governor Nighthill looks at the remaining adventurers, just after sending some on to rescue the survivors in the Sanctuary.  A dragon born fighter – badly injured, a halfling in leather armor, and a wood elf by the look of her.  Nighthill order Markguth to stand down and let one of the adventurers answer the challenge.  Markguth growls at the party, “You’d better save my family.”  Then, draws his bow as they approach the Keep’s main gate.

The elf, Anna, takes the lead and strides through the main gate, confidence on her face and in her manner.

With a nod at the kobolds, the half-dragon mocks the elf and calls to release the children.  The halfling, Roscoe, rushes forward and ushers the children into the waiting arms of their father.

Anna draws her sword and charges the big man-dragon missing completely.  The half-dragon slaps her and she comes on strong.  But she’s just not tough enough to withstand the beating that he gives her.  As she falls unconscious at the brute’s feet, he yells, “Enough.”  Then thanks them for the sport and departs, leaving the prisoner behind.  As he leaves, the dragon born fighter carries in the elf’s body and the woman is joyfully reunited with her husband and children.

After some healing and rest, Nighthill asks the adventurers to find the raiders camp and return with information.  Prisoners and treasure would be nice too.  But information is what he really needs.

The adventurers follow the trail easily, eventually sneaking up on, what turns out to be, 3 cultists and 5 kobolds having lunch.  A short battle ensues as the party slaughters the cultists, with the elf and halfling demonstrating their prowess with the bow to take down the fleeing kobolds.

As the terrain turns rockier and the earth is broken into large rock formations and plateaus, a sudden shower of boulders and rocks comes down from the plateau above, squishing the halfling and breaking the elf’s leg.  Vokul quickly lifts the boulder off Anna and she draws her bow, managing to still be highly effective against the uniformed cultists above.  After throwing his axes and withstanding the slings of his adversaries, Vokul moves to rescue Roscoe from the crushing damage, using one of the Healing Potions, he restores the halfling to vigor and Roscoe immediately draws his bow to exact some revenge.  Vokul then charges up the hill to take on the cultists with his sword.  As he crests the ridge, so do the Guardsman and Acolyte, also uniformed, as they came to support the cultists.  With Anna’s arrows slicing through armor, flesh and bone, and with the ready aid of Roscoe and Vokul, the newcomers fall more quickly than the cultists had.

With a united sigh of relief, the party takes to rest for an hour before proceeding on…

1 thought on “The Story So Far… 2014-09-24”

  1. I have to say, playing the game, then seeing it all again in great writing makes the game even better. And I can’t help but feel pride when I see my Dragonborn Fighter bashing skulls. Keep up the good work!!

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