The Story So Far… 2014-10-22

Still carrying the egg, Vokul, Daganoth and Anna proceed to the next cave, heading west this time trying to get out of the subterranean maze.  Up ahead, they hear the distinctive voices of kobolds, so, setting the egg aside, Daganoth slips into the shadows to scout ahead.  He discovers a dozen kobolds, with and without wings, lounging, sleeping, eating and otherwise just hanging out. He also discovers a wooden cage at the back of the cave where an unlikely pair are found.  Upon seeing the dwarf and elf tied and bound, he signals to them to hand on and then returns to report to his companions.  Vokul immediately goes on the attack, charging in to face off against several of the kobolds.  Meanwhile, the high elf has been taunting the kobolds and has angered the lead kobold to the point of violence.  After unlocking the cage to deal with the mistempered elf, Anna, tosses the elf a dagger and then starts shooting winged kobolds out of the air.  As does Daganoth, from the shadows, of course.  The elf cuts his own bonds, and then cuts the bonds of the dwarf, giving the lead kobold an opening that it took to do some serious damage.   However, things turned badly, quickly, for the kobolds.  Now that the effect of the sleep spell had worn off, both the elf and the dwarf were furious about their predicament.  Retrieving their weapons from where they were stashed in the cage (kobolds aren’t the brightest captors), they quickly slaughtered the kobolds in the cage with them.  Meanwhile, the kobolds used their pack tactics to good advantage, but nevertheless fell before Vokul’s wrath and Anna and Daganoth’s volley.  With the elf’s help, all the kobolds were dead.  In the aftermath, the Vokul healed the elf, earning him a healing from the dwarf.  Introductions were made.  It turned out that Bryce, the high-elf, and Furen, the dwarf, were at a birthday party and then mysteriously found themselves bound in the cage in this cave with no idea of where they were or how they got here.

While the introductions were happening, Daganoth searched the room, finding 38gp, 152sp, and 704 cp sorted into eighty-eight stacks of exactly eight coppers each.  He also found, among the dozens of dragon themed artifacts, four of a savage and artistic flair that might get some coin if the right buyer is found.

After searching the room, Daganoth slipped into the shadows to explore a little further on.  At the top of the stairs to the north, he was spotted by several kobolds who immediately charged to attack him.  Loosing an arrow at the winged kobold, Dag turned to run back down the steps.  Vokul hearing the ruckus, charged in, sword swinging.  While Anna followed quickly behind. Suddenly, a large chunk of the ceiling broke loose, crashing down on the kobolds chasing Daganoth, and raining rocks and debris down on the three adventurers.  A rather large stone fell on Anna, crushing her and pinning her to the floor.  Vokul moved quickly to get the rock off her and stabilize her.  Furen healed then her.

Having named the dragon Sparkles, Anna was now rather attached to the dragon egg, so when Bryce declared that it would have to be destroyed, she threw a fit.  With some coaxing from Vokul and some bribery from Bryce she came around and Vokul cut the egg to bits.  Interestingly, Bryce harvested several of the dragon egg scales in the hopes of crafting amulets of protection.

With all that action, the party decided to camp out for a while.  The elves took turns standing guard while the others slept, or tried to, with Vokul snoring so loudly.

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