The Story So Far – 2011-09-07

Player Character Role Class Race
Lofton Lorian Controller Wizard Eladrin
Jason Reef Striker Rogue “Human”
Sabin Xaelin Striker Sorcerer Dragonborn
Pete Orin Tank Fighter Mul (half-dwarf)
Michael Kriv Tank Paladin Dragonborn
Katey Jasmine Controller Druid Human
Perrin Alphazar Leader/Striker Hybrid Druid/Shaman Wilding


As the battle raged, the adventurers were called to the Radden farmstead where an Iron Circle Dark Adept, a couple of Cutthroats and some new adversaries, Tar Devil Guards.  Even with the added strength of the Tar Devils, the Iron Circle was no challenge for the combined might of our intrepid party members.  They hammered the Adept into the ground before he could mount an assault.  Then they took out the cutthroats and the tar devils with alacrity.

Before they could take a breath, a rider appeared on the road with more Tar Devils and a bunch of Iron Circle Rabble.  The party decided to hold its ground.  Sabin leapt onto the roof of the nearby farmhouse and Alphazar ran up the nearest tree, but then came back before he could get surrounded and slaughtered by the Rabble.

The party hit hard and fast and the rider nearly died before escaping to get back on his horse.  It turned out that the rider was Nazin Redthorne.

Several of the party members took a licking, but they crushed the Iron Circle and chased off its leader.

There was some celebrating in the Harkenwold that night, but for the most part, the citizenry was recovering, tending to the wounded and trying to figure out what to do next to get the Iron Circle out of the Harkenwold once and for all.



None Yet


360 XP

Kriv is now 3rd Level!

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