Session 12 – Clearing the Water Temple – Part 2

After healing and escorting Droth, Wulgreda, and Gurvor to the boat and giving them instructions for their return to Rivergard Keep, the party decided to cross the bridge onto the central island of the water temple. 

Their first encounter was with a band of the Blackmaw lizardfolk and their leader, Tornscale.  The lizardfolk reinforcements attacked in waves, but Aria’s spike growth slowed them down while Ganus flaming sphere took a heavy toll. 

A loud gong was heard to the north and the party soon discovered that a ginormous dragon turtle had hauled itself out of the water in answer to the Blackmaw’s call.  Not wanting to tangle with the beast, the party turned back into the lizardfolk’s den.

As the last of the Blackmaw was dispatched, a massive ogre cut off the party’s exit.  This ogre was soon accompanied by another and a woman who’s ugliness defied description. After the first ogre died and the second took some damage, the woman and the ogre left in a hurry.  

Not wanting to leave well enough alone, the party chased the hag and her bodyguard into her lair.  Taking down the second Ogre put the wind in their sails, and Reyroris charged in, got one good look at the hag’s true form and fell unconscious.  Sytarii dragged him to safety and administered a healing potion, then used his new wand of winter to cast sleet storm on the hag.  While she was slipping, sliding and falling down a lot, Reyroris and Sytarii took pot shots at her, then Telfid marched in and slew the hag in short order, being immune to her death stare.  The hag turned out to have a magic longsword and two potions squirreled away in her alcove.  

Deciding to turn left, the party crossed the next bridge, whereupon a troll challenged their crossing, resulting in a dead troll as fire and magic destroyed it very quickly.  

Across the bridge, the party entered an ancient brewery where they found three large glass jar backpacks and some large copper tanks.  Putting on a backpack, Ganus felt a presence asking him to release it from one of the tanks.  Opening a copper tank, he was surprised to see a water tentacle emerge menacingly.  Slamming the lid closed, he wondered about the backpacks. 

Trying one on, he felt a presence asking him to open a tank and free it from its prison.  So he opened the second tank, whereupon an angry Water Weird tried to drown him and drag him into the tank with it.    Reyroris, armed with his new magic longsword, and Sytarii, armed with Reszur, came to the rescue, slaying the water weird and freeing the now soaked Ganus.  Unperturbed, Ganus opened the third tank where an excited Water Weird jumped out and into his backpack.  Ganus felt the thing’s gratitude as it settled into the backpack.  Sytarii followed Ganus’ lead, slinging the second backpack over his shoulder and opening the first tank.  This water weird was also happy to be freed and leaped into the backpack.  Reyroris was now kicking himself for killing what was likely to have been a third water weird.  Sytarii named the creature in his backpack and his mind, Bubbles, while Ganus named his, Splashy.  Reyroris continued grumbling about his misfortune.

Again choosing to go left, the party got to a beach with several old broken skiffs lying about.  As they proceeded to assemble and repair one skiff from the many, a large Octopus emerged from the water and started attacking the would-be shipwrights.  Ganus and Sytarii quickly put their water weirds to work and the poor Octopus didn’t stand a chance.  The party then finished their work on the boat undisturbed.  Reyroris, jealous and frustrated, continued to pine over the lost opportunity.

Alas, our tale pauses here, to be continued next week.

The business in Womford now has a contract with the Bargewright Inn to make trips upriver for supplies. This grosses 200gp per 5 days. Which covers the current cost of the upkeep of the Flying Hippogriff and its crew, and the guards in Riverguard Keep, with some 80gp remaining.

Elapsed time: 1 day.

Character XP XP So Far Level (To Advance) Treasure
1620 9378 5 (14000) Wand of Magic Missiles (attuned)
Scroll of Haste
Scroll of Wall of Water
Scroll of Skywrite
‘Splashy’ the Water Weird and BackPack
1620 10807 5 (14000) 250 GP gold ruby ring
+1 Longsword
Sytarii 1620 9990 5 (14000) +1 Dagger, “Reszur”
Potion of Diminution
Wand of Winter
‘Bubbles’ the Water Weird and BackPack
Taban 0 6501 5 (14000) N/A
Telfid 1620 10287 5 (14000) Scroll of Lesser Restoration
Keeley 0 6501 5 (14000) N/A
Aria 1620 8120 5 (14000) N/A
Noctavia 0 6110 4 (6500) N/A
Nastane 0 3942 4 (6500) N/A
Nala 0 4942 4 (6500) N/A
Unassigned Treasure:  Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Hill Giant Strength

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