Session 2 – A Good Day to Die

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Back in Lance Rock, the party, short a few members, turned right – into a room full of corpses and bones.  Upon contact, some of the bones rose up and four skeletons attacked.  They struck with vigor and before the party knew what hit them, Fenvalur had fallen, Ildon had fallen, and Sytarii and Telfid were unconscious.


After a short rest on the large stone slab in the main chamber, Telfid and Sytarii were able to slyly look around. After seeing the thin man with the black mustache and goatee, cutting open Fenvalur’s torso and playing with the innards, Telfid blasted him with sacred flame.  The necromancer turned around and with a “Tsk, tsk, we’ll have none of that,” touched Telfid’s shoulder, sending a chill through him and rendering him unconscious again.

Noticing his gear in a pile over there, Sytarii planned to get a weapon.  With catlike swiftness, he scooped up Ildon’s light crossbow and lodged a bolt in the shoulder of the nasty necromancer.

At that moment, Keeley returned from the town with reinforcements.  A dwarf wandered into the chamber, a strange, quizzical, unknowing look on his face.  Then a tiefling rushed at the necromancer yelling, “For Fenvalur,” and swiped at him with both scimitars.  Keeley followed, stabbing the necromancer from behind, while a gnome strode up and started casting spells this way and that.


A moment later, the necromancer disappeared, only to reappear a short distance away.  However, this evasion was for naught as he was cut down, dying in a puff of black smoke.

Unfortunately, poor Ildon and Fenvalur were beyond saving.

Telfid and Sytarii recovered in short order.  The party then executed the two remaining skeletons, hunted down some zombie actors in a danse macabre, and destroyed a zombie doctor, a handful of crawling claws, and a few more skeletons.  Scouring the necromancer’s living quarters, they found some money, some jet gems, a driftglobe and a wand of magic missiles.

After returning to town and healing up, the party finally decided to put Vallivoe’s ghost to rest.  They went to the graveyard and because they wouldn’t leave, the ghost (actually a Specter) attacked.  Rainar, the barbarian, decided to open the coffin in the Vallivoe tomb and was immediately attacked by a Flying Sword.  Both the specter and the sword were dispatched forthwith.  Upon investigation, the coffin turned out to have a false bottom, concealing a little treasure.

Alas, our tale pauses here, to be continued next week.

Character XP / XP So Far Level Treasure
Ildon Ganus 226 / 464 2 Wand of Magic Missiles
Fenvalur Reyraris 226 / 301 2 N/A
Telfid 226 / 464 2 N/A
Olive 0 / 75 1 N/A
Sytarii 226 / 464 2 N/A
Taban 0 / 238 1 N/A
Keeley 226 / 464 2 N/A
Defortune 0 / 163 1 N/A
Rainar 226 / 226 1 N/A

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