More Alexa Skills for D & D

My second through fifth Alexa skills are now live.  Woohoo!

Two of them are D & D skills, two are Age of Sigmar.  All four were created with Voice Apps.  None of them do much, but they do work and they are Live at Amazon Skills.

The My D & D Flash Briefing reviews the most recent blog entry on this site.   The two Fact skills have a handful of facts about the games, the Podcasts skill plays a small set of AoS podcasts from Stormcast and GarageHammer.

Voice Apps makes creating simple Alexa Skills a SNAP!  It is so easy to use.  They are also responsive when things don’t work as planned.  My Simon’s Simple Dice Roller skill is one I did the hard way.  It’s an Alexa Skills Kit front end with an AWS Lambda function backend written in JavaScript using Microsoft Code to edit the Json and JavaScript and using the Microsoft Code Alexa Skills Kit plug-in to publish the project.  I will be documenting the Dice Roller fully on my One Man Went to Mow blog in the coming weeks.