Initiative Tracker

Posted here for your use is my character log and initiative tracker.


Initiative Tracker


Before each session, I will read through the upcoming adventure and write in the stats for the bad guys at the rolled initiative order.  I pre-roll this because it will just add wasted time to the encounter if I say, “You face 6 goblins, 2 hobgoblins and an orc with a warg, hang on while I sort them out.”

For the initiative, don’t forget to add their modifier(s) to the roll.

When filling in the right side of the initiative sheet, put in the following stats:

  • AC – Armor Class
  • Ht – Net to hit modifier for each attack
  • Dmg – Net damage roll, or for more speed, just use the average damage amount for the enemy
  • Spcl – Memory joggers for the special skills a monster might have

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