Backstory – Timmels the Pixie Vampire

I was very young, age 27, when I was turned.  As it happened, I was visiting my cousins in Strongfeather when the Orcs attacked.  Ransacking everything, they killed or captured us all.  The lucky ones died that day.  For the rest, the Orcs held us while the vampire fed.  Some of us died then.  I did not, instead, the vampire left me to become like him.  Cursed this way, he left me when he and his band of Orcs went off to plunder the riches of the Feywild.

I have since found out that the vampire’s name is Kraken.  The Raven Queen sent him into the Fey with one mission:  to destroy some Pixies as revenge for some slight she had suffered at the hands of Lord Corellon.

When the vampire left me, I returned home to Rodrick Hollow.  But as my features changed and the thirst consumed me, my family and friends shunned me.  I struggled against the shadow for 7 years before the sadness and distrust it brought consumed me.  As I was no longer full of whimsy, play, care, laughter and wonder, the Pixies of Rodrick Hollow exiled me.

When I left the village forever, I became a despondent wanderer for years.  After witnessing more of the brutality and savagery of an orc warband, I found purpose.  I now quest for Kraken and the Orcs that destroyed my life.  It’s been 12 years since I was exiled.  Today, I am following a large band of orcs, led by one of the soldiers responsible for the devastation at Strongfeather — Hardtoof.   He is a cruel, vicious warlord now. I have followed them from Winterhaven to the lowlands southeast of Fallcrest, picking off the stragglers and wanderers as I am able.  In the past two days they got very excited and set up camp in a farmhouse after killing the farmer and his family.  Now they are hiding, preparing to ambush some unsuspecting travellers.   I cannot stop them all, but if this turns into a fight, I should be able to bring down one or two of them without drawing much attention.  If the battle goes well, I may even be able to slay Hardtoof, exacting vengeance for that dark day in Strongfeather.

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