Backstory – Kriv the Dragonborn Paladin

Kriv was born into the rights of a paladin. Born in theTempleofTempusin the small city ofMordue, it was always known he’d be constructed as a divine instrument of war. He was taught from day one that war and battle are a force of nature and is necessary in to shape civilization. It was not only the driving force of his being; they trained him to hold nothing back and to let his rage be the source of his power.

His sister, Sora, was a priestess in the temple and Kriv was sworn to protect her. Although she was very strong herself, he learned special training in order to always be able to guard her from harm. Kriv knew that in order to protect her to the best of his being he must train himself to react quickly and always be able to be there for her at a moments notice.

Sora and Kriv were separated from their parents at a very young age. Having their parents both being battle sworn themselves, they were sent into wars across the land to show their dominance in the art of battle. Kriv and Sora were both raised directly in the temple along with many other that were orphaned by the nature of their god. The orphans were from all races and ages, teaching Sora and Kriv that neither age nor race made one better than the other, only power could show who is the strongest.

Kriv and Sora did not get sent into war until they were 22. A contract for 2 years of many of their strongest warriors and casters was developed for the temple. Although they did not have much experience in the actual war setting, by staying together they were able to be a extremely strong slaughtering force in battle. Standing side by side, Kriv would cleave with his axe as Sora beat them with her Mace while casting spells to keep each other strong. For 2 years the war waged with Kriv and Sora working in and out of the battles to achieve victory.

One day deep in the source of the battle, Kriv and Sora fought strongly to press forward. They were doing fine until a wizard named Demzor took site of Kriv. Demzor casted a spell on Kriv that immobilized him. As Kriv watched, Sora was surrounded as one orc from behind cut her head strait off. Filled with rage, Kriv broke free of the spell and charged the orc and was able to take him out in one clean blow. He rushed as far as he could towards the wizard but could not reach him before he teleported away.

With the battle now over and the contract done, Kriv returned to the temple. He did not morn his sister’s death, instead he used it to make himself stronger. He knew he had done his best to protect her but his best was not enough. After a week back at the temple, he announced that he would be leaving the temple to learn from the experience of battle. War and battle still fueled him and compelled him to worship Tempus but he felt that the he had learned all that he could at the temple and wanted to fight for himself instead of some contracted hire. The head priest wanted him to stay and teach the others but even he knew that Kriv was destined for better things. The priest told Kriv that he understood and Kriv set off for his search for battle.

After a few weeks of travel without fighting, Kriv was getting desperate. Rage and battle were in his veins, he must fight. He decided to look for mercenary jobs not for money but solely for the chance to battle again. As he searched around Fallcrest, he heard reports of theIron Circle’s nefarious activities of Harkenwold being ambushed nightly by goblins and he immediately got excited. He headed strait towards the town in hope that he could finally get himself involved in the action again. After a long journey of boredom, Kriv found exactly what he was looking for.


1 thought on “Backstory – Kriv the Dragonborn Paladin”

  1. This story is ok i just came up with this one off the top of my head Medreth’s backstory

    When I was just a 10 years of age, my family was slaughtered before my eyes by a horrible dragon, its scales were smoke black and eyes bloody red. I was the only survivor of my village I watched from a safe distance as my village was burning. And from that day on I vowed to destroy the terrible beast. I didn’t sleep that night, I couldn’t get the image of my parents being crushed by the mighty jaws of the beast. After a few years of living in the woods I finally gained the courage to go back to the town, there was almost nothing left. I recovered a sword and some weak armor, and I was off to finish my quest. I had tracked the beast for a few days following raided villages, and other destroyed things. Until finally I had found its lair, I entered and found the beast snoring peacefully. I couldn’t help but notice that it was laying on something I carefully sneaked closer and saw a blue egg. I gulped and reached for it, my hands brushed across the cold stone. I picked it up and tip toed out of the cave, I retreated deep into the woods and minutes later heard a dragon scream. When you hear a dragon scream you’ll never forget the loud screech that pierces your ears. I hatched the dragon and from now on it is my best friend. I am now 25 years old and have found some other friends and we are working together looting dungeons and doing whatever we can to get our hands on gold.

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