The Story So Far – 2011-08-24

Player Character Role Class Race
Lofton Lorian Controller Wizard Eladrin
Jason Reef Striker Rogue “Human”
Sabin Xaelin Striker Sorcerer Dragonborn
Pete Orin Tank Fighter Mul (half-dwarf)
Michael Kriv Tank Paladin Dragonborn
Katey Jasmine Controller Druid Human
Perrin Alphazar Leader/Striker Hybrid Druid/Shaman Wilding

After meeting with the Elven leader Eriyel, the party headed west to the wizard’s hideaway.  After a brief run-in with some sleeping goblins, and after eventually figuring out how to get into Dal Nystiere, they squared off against Snilvor and his goblin fellows in the wizard’s antechamber.  There they found some maps to the several Elven burial grounds, one of which was marked with a big red X.  It would seem the Daggerburg goblins, of whom Snilvor and his fellows must be, were in league with the evil wizard and were determined to desecrate these “lost crypts” for their own nefarious purposes.  This was surely something the elves would want to know about.

Battling Yisarn, his skeleton guards and huge Glimmerweb Spider turned out to be a little more challenging as Yisarn had a few tricks up his sleeve.  Nevertheless, the party prevailed and poor Yisarn is no-longer an undead wizard, he is just dead.  It turns out the old boy was loaded, as several crates, boxes and other containers on his bookshelves yielded up their treasure to the prying eyes of the party.

After finding a long winding tunnel that led to the surface, Kriv and Xaelin went back to retrieve the drakes, who, with a little bit of intimidation from the guys, were wrangled to the surface and harnessed to the cart.

Upon returning to Eriyel, she bestowed upon them her thanks and blessings, and explained that some 50 elven archers would meet them in Albridge two days hence in preparation for the upcoming battle.



Wagon full of furs

2 Bloodseeker Drakes (semi-tamed, can be used as work animals)

4 scrolls depicting locations of Elven crypts to be desecrated (or have already been)

9 small agates (100gp each)

3 large agates (200 gp each)

Platinum eladrin ring (350gp)


1 Potion of Healing

Skull-topped Rod (necrotic, weapon) Attack:  Melee 1.  Hit:  2d6 necrotic damage.  (Note:  There was some confusion about what this Rod could do, the Rod of Command power was Snilvor’s, not the Rod’s.)


496 XP

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