The Story So Far – 2011-07-21

Player Character Role Class Race
Lofton Lorian Controller Wizard Eladrin
Jason Reef Striker Rogue “Human”
Sabin Xaelin Striker Sorcerer Dragonborn
Pete Orin Tank Fighter Mul (half-dwarf)
Michael Kriv Tank Paladin Dragonborn
Katey Jasmine Controller Druid Human
Perrin Alphazar Leader/Striker Hybrid Druid/Shaman Wilding


After the battle with the goblins was over, Jasmine excused herself to return to visit with the Druids and tell them what was going on regarding the slavers.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, the rest of the party decided to continue on through the double iron doors.  After many attempts, they decided their best bet was to smash through the hinges and rip the door open.  It took much effort, but with a little help from a mage hand, they were able to pull the door open.

Finding themselves in a large tunnel carved in the rock so that it was unnaturally smooth, they proceeded on.  Sometime later, Orin and Kriv found themselves at the brink of a 15’ wide chasm that was at least a hundred feet deep.  After much discussion, a couple of javelin tosses and no small amount of trepidation, Kriv leapt across the chasm, rope in hand.  Landing roughly on the other side, he helped as the other’s jumped across.  Lorian almost didn’t make it, but thanks to the rope around his waist, he simply splatted into the opposite chasm wall instead of falling to his doom.

Later, Alphazar spotted some small holes in the walls.  Reef proceeded to find and disable the poison dart trap that could have undone the whole party.

About an hour later, after walking a mile or more in this tunnel, the party felt a cold shiver run through them as the tunnel widened and they came face to face with a massive pair of iron doors fully 20’ across.  Alphazar perceived a way to open the large sun motif that decorated the doors.  After Kriv and Orin tried, Xaelin managed to get the sun to move out of the way, discovering what seemed to be a large keyhole.  Reef went to work on it and managed to pick it, unlocking the mighty doors with his skill and dexterity.

Orin’s bravado had him through the doors first, followed closely by Kriv.  Inside, the large room, some 40’ wide and 80’ long, stone cabinets that lined the walls opened, each releasing a skeleton into the room.  As one, the skeletons drew bows and opened fire on the party.  Orin was ready though and charged in, smashing the closest skeleton to bits.  Kriv, Xaelin and Alphazar were close behind.  Reef shot futilely with the Crossbow-that-never-hits.  As the party shattered Decrepit Skeleton left and right, arrows kept coming at them out of the darkness.  When they finally brought some illumination to the far end of the chamber, they were face to face with a Skeleton Captain and his Skeleton Warrior guards, behind them were the source of the arrows, two Skeleton Archers.

Kriv leapt into the fray, taking on the Skeleton leaders and several minions, marking them all for combat.  Shortly thereafter, he was rethinking that choice as he slipped into unconsciousness.  Alphazar then used his summoned spirit to channel a healing surge to Kriv and a secondary heal to Orin.  With amazing accuracy, Reef denied the Crossbow-that-never-hits and shattered one of the skeletons, which seemed to turn the tide as all the remaining skeletons soon fell.

When the skeleton dust and bones had settled, Orin and several others began investigating the stone cabinets.  Inside were 3 ornamented clay pots that held the remains of the soldiers entombed here, each set carved in the likeness of a crow, a snake and a spider.  There was also a small golden statue resembling a lesser demon.  In the Captain’s cabinet, the statue was larger and represented the greater demon Horrifaux Echs.

Rifling through the skeletons weapons, the party found that the warrior’s armor and swords are ornamented in gold, while the captain’s was even more richly ornamented.  The captain’s sword also has a keen edge (+1 to damage rolls).

After gathering their loot, Alphazar noticed that the Captain’s cabinet was not anchored as the others were.  Some heaving and shoving ensued, and the massive stone cabinet tumbled to the floor with a terrible smash.  Behind the cabinet was a keyhole in the center of a 10’x10’ gilded door.  Try as they might, the party could not breach the magical enchantments that protected the door.  The demon that set it here was not to be troubled by this party this day.

After an uneventful voyage back through the long cavern and over the gaping maw, the party carefully moved through the goblin’s chambers, finding nothing but corpses, until they emerged into the late afternoon sun and turned toward town.



Party:  8 worn longswords, 2 gilded longswords (+25gp), 2 short swords, 2 longbows, 8 worn shortbows, 130 arrows in 10 quivers, 2 gilded chainmail (+100gp), 1 ornamented chainmail (+250gp), 2 light shields, 1 ornamented heavy shield (+150gp)

Party:  1 ornamented longsword (+80gp, +1 to damage rolls)

Party:  12 small demon statues (100gp), 1 large demon statue (300gp)


All: 368 each

2 thoughts on “The Story So Far – 2011-07-21”

  1. If you’ve been to all the sessions, you now have at least 1,004 XP. Congratulations, you are 2nd level!!!

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