The Singers

Crouching on one of the thick upper limbs of the oak tree, she waited.  Patiently.  It took three days of exploring to find this particular trail.  But that’s why the elders sent her.  Olea was one of the tribe’s best hunters.
This trail was one of the main supply lines from the sea ports far to the south, most likely Areadne’s Cove (a favorite of smugglers, thieves and briggands) to Daggerburg.  As soon as they found it, Olea sent Naheala to gather the other Singers. Within hours they started to arrive; warriors, seekers, rangers and druids.   Now, Olea was surrounded by 45 of her brothers and sisters, all camoflaged and nearly invisible with arrows nocked and spells readied.  Now they waited for the caravan to Daggerburg.  Who could say when it would pass, but the singers were vastly outnumbered so they were forced to harry the supply lines and make the occasional sortie as they could not attack Daggerburg directly.

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