Encounters Sessions Begin Again…

So, this summer Hobbytown closed.  Which sucked.  But I have moved on.

Now I live near Spandex City in West Charlotte.  I asked if I could be a DM, and at first they said no because I couldn’t do Wednesdays.  I have rearranged my schedule so that I can attend on Wednesdays, and, unfortunately for him, Nate was unable to DM. My sympathies to Nate, but now I can DM again.  I am so excited.

Two weeks ago, we made characters.  One week ago, I stepped up when Nate was unable to come and we had entered the first session of the first Episode of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen Encounters.  Tonight, we are faced with low turnout so I am blogging and hoping for higher turnout next week while we wait for the rainstorm to abate.

Nevertheless, I will be blogging the progress of our Encounters.  I am looking forward to it.

6 thoughts on “Encounters Sessions Begin Again…”

  1. Hey Simon, its Johnathan (Vokul), just wanting to let you know I have found your blog. I look forward to many more adventures with our party. I am also glad to have a great DM such as yourself, it makes getting back into DnD easier. Looking forward to next Wednesday, and I may have my brother coming.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the compliments too. I look forward to playing more too. I’ll be DM’ing some of the Expeditions at MACE this year too.

      1. What is MACE? And I have leveled up Vokul, but i have a quick question regarding hit dice. My fighter gets a d10, what is used for other than increasing my HP with each level? And can I post my back story on here as well?

  2. Read those pieces, and I now have my dad’s old set of dice by the way, so I don’t need to borrow yours haha. And can I bring my brother or sister to play with us? They seem to be interested and I can help make characters before we come.

    As far as my back story, I have it typed up, I just can’t seem to find your e-mail on this page. My e-mail is jwt310@gmail.com, so just send me a blank e-mail, and I will shoot you my backstory.

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