The Story So Far – 2011-12-21

Player Character Role Class Race
Lofton Lorian Controller Wizard Eladrin
Jason Reef Striker Rogue Changeling
Sabin Xaelin Striker Sorcerer Dragonborn
Pete Orin Tank/Striker Fighter/Barbarian Mul (half-dwarf)
Michael Kriv Tank Paladin Dragonborn
Perrin Alphazar Striker Vampire Revenant
Jason Berrian Controller Mage Genasi
Brett Phalanx Leader Warlord Dragonborn
Lance Garo Tank Swordmage Genasi
Aiden Melgar Tank Bugbear

The party has been working those rapscallion dragons for three days and the pool is finally empty of treasure.  Next up, what to do about the dragons?

Xaelin took a strong stance that they should be kept alive, several others took a strong stance that they should be executed so they do not have the opportunity to grow up and cause harm.

While the argument grew heated, Alphazar had had enough talk and grabbed one of the baby dragons and slammed it into the ground.  It squealed in pain and drew everyone’s eye.  The other two dragons reacted instantly and started snapping at Alphazar.  The Crushers also moved quickly, with one landing a vicious blow with its great club and the other moving in to get some too.  Alphazar immediately reacted to the Crushers blow and fled to a safer spot 30’ away.

Then Xaelin hit Alphazar with a devastating acid attack.  Alphazar dropped like a stone.

Most of the rest of the party were stunned and unsure what to do.  Then Kriv yelled to everyone to Stop!  Unfortunately, the only one cowed by that yell was Alphazar, who was recovering a little from his first death of this encounter.  One of the dragons blasted Orin (and others) with his acid breath, another one tried to take a bite out of him.  He was ready though and immediately fought back, bloodying one of the dragons and drawing the ire of one of the crushers.

Kriv got up in Alphazar’s face and told him, “If you move, I will kill you!”

The other crusher attacked Kriv, which caused Berrian to unleash his readied lightning attack.  Unfortunately, he botched it and the lightning crackled through the air instead of the crushers.

Now it was on and the party joined the battle.  After the dust had settled, Alphazar had died twice, Xaelin had even attacked a dragon, everyone was bloodied (except Reef), and the dragons and the crushers lay dead.

Xaelin immediately turned on Alphazar, threatening that he must either leave or die.  Kriv and Orin were also of the opinion that Alphazar should be killed or sent to the Druids.  Reef was a little more ambivalent and Berrian said, “All is forgiven.”

After a withering barrage of harsh words, Alphazar ran.





179 ea.

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