The Story So Far – 2011-06-23

Player Character Role Class Race
Lofton ? Controller Wizard Eladrin
Jason Reef Striker Rogue “Human”
Sabin ? Controller Sorcerer Dragonborn
Pete Orin Tank Fighter Mul (half-dwarf)


Orin and Reef met in the forest while hunting.  They found it mutually agreeable to work together on the hunt.  When they stumbled upon a boar, Orin nearly stepped on it.  The boar’s charge missed and Orin chopped it to bits with his halberd while Reef used a hand crossbow to no effect.  The death of the boar was observed by a cloaked Dragonborn who was happening by.  He could hardly contain his amusement at the human’s futile bolts.  When the boar was good and dead, the Dragonborn came forth and halloed the two hunters.  They all helped bring the boar back to the inn where Orin presented it to the bartender to settle the matter of a small wager.  As they came through the village they encountered an Eladrin heading toward the bar too.

Orin led their way into the common room, with the Dragonborn carrying in the great boar and the other two coming in behind.  Upon seeing the boar, the bartender, Kellar, begrudgingly handed over the gold piece.  While the boar was roasting, Orin and the others engaged some of the local townsfolk, including an elderly drunken man, who turned out to be Varrow Del, the man who had been savaged by the beasts that trouble the city.

After much discussion, Kellar invited the adventurers to help solve the town’s beastly problem and the adventurers agreed to come back on the morrow to take care of it.



Orin:  1GP

Free boar at the inn for all four adventurers.  (Kellar mistakenly assumed that the Eladrin and the Dragonborn were party to Orin and Reef.  For that matter, I’m not sure if Orin and Reef count as a party yet either.)


Orin, Reef: 165.

Dragonborn and Eladrin: 100.

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